Monday, May 30, 2005

Ultramagnetic countdown

(thanks to Kitty for the countdown!)

TEN things about me
10- I’m a sucker for romance.
9- I love geeky stuff.
8- I get tired of people who never keep their promises.
7- I enjoy coffee and conversations.
6- I smoke occasionally.
5- I’m stubborn, determined and at times, very OC.
4- I’m neurotic when i'm stressed.
3- I read tarot cards.
2- I am loopy most of the time.
1- I hate incomptetent know-it-alls.

NINE Places I've Visited in 'Pinas
9- Banawe
8- Cebu
7- Zambales
6- Baguio
5- Vigan
4- Boracay
3- Pangasinan
2- Capiz
1- Coron, Palawan

EIGHT Things I want to do before I die
8- get my name and work in one of those designer books
7- win an award
6- get paid a lot of money.
5- travel the world
4- get married
3- pay for my brothers' college education
2- repay my mom for everything she did for me
1- be with the one i love

SEVEN Ways to win my heart
7- be sweet.
6- be sincere.
5- be honest.
4- have a great sense of humor.
3- be decisive.
2- be smart.
1- love me for who i am, not for what i may be.

SIX Things I believe
6- Coffee is good for you.
5- Every person is inherently good.
4- mornings are overrated.
3- friendship is like love, it needs to be nurtured and sustained.
2- love has to have magic.
1- love takes effort from both people to make it work.

FIVE Things I'm afraid of
5- not being able to do my best.
4- disappointing (and failing) myself
3- Disappointing (and failing) others
2- that there is no inherent good in each person.
1- Knowing I could have done something to avoid anything bad happening.

FOUR of my Favorite Items in my bedroom:
4- fluffy pillows
3- my bed
2- my cellfone
1- my sweetie

THREE Things I do everyday
3- work, work, work
2- check email
1- learn (or try to learn) something new

TWO Things I am trying not to do right now:
2- let stress get to me
1- allow myself to get frustrated

ONE Person I want to see right now:
1- him.

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